Tavolata of Swiss Wine Valais

“A good is only pleasant if you share it,” Seneca said. The new campaign for Swiss Wine Valais, called “Tavolata”, is in line with this philosophy and the current momentum of wine tourism. Tavolata literally means “the table” in Italian. This practice consists of gathering with family or friends around a very long table in order to enjoy a meal together. Simple, unifying and festive, the principle of the tavolata has a universal scope, as well as a strong resonance in Valais.

Terroir wines designed to share

The notion of terroir is defined by the interaction between the plant, the climate, the soil and man. This large table, located in the heart of the vineyard, brings these parameters together through the human encounter it generates. Around this tavolata, the whole wine culture is told.

Tavolata events

We encourage you to organize your own tavolatas, no matter if they are public or private, indoor or outdoor, in Valais or outside the Valais, the most important thing is to gather around an imposing table, to create a friendly atmosphere and, above all, to taste Valais wines.

In connection with this initiative, several public events will be held throughout the year. A calendar will be available this summer on this site. We therefore invite you to follow us for a future participation in a tavolata in Valais.

06.02.2022 – Tavolata on the lake of Champex

27.08.2022 – Tavolata of Saint Christophe

27.08.2022 – Tavolata of the Finges Natural Park

03.09.2022 – Tavolata Day (Estivales des Vins du Valais)


The tavolata embodies the very idea of sharing. The echo of these moments of conviviality deserves to be passed on to as many people as possible. We therefore encourage you to give substance to this true art of living. All you need to do is to distribute your photos and videos of these meals on social networks and accompany them with the hashtag #tavolataVS.